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SmartDesk Releases WebSuite Web Utility Software

SmartDesk, Inc. recently announced the release of a new version of its Web utility software, SmartDesk WebSuite.

The new release includes over 200 new features and functions, including real-time graphs, statistics, and site tracking information.

WebSuite enables any Windows-based computer to host Web sites, share local computer resources on the Net, and utilize true Net-based, peer-to-peer access. Additionally, the tool suite provides an "online business card," with integrated public/private desktop management and access control, a Web-enhanced development environment, and advanced security, tracking, and administration features.

The WebSuite package is full-featured and includes:

  • a Web server
  • a real-time administration console
  • browser-based public and private desktops
  • an integrated relational object database manager
  • a session manager
  • active page support
  • advanced scripting
  • a chat system
  • a guest book
  • an automated download library
  • an online company directory with peer-to-peer access of participating users.

In addition to these standard features, WebSuite provides a software developers kit (SDK) with integrated program editor, compiler, linker, librarian, and debugger for creating executables and Active Pages.

The environment is procedural and object-based (including over 1,000 functions, classes, and libraries), and is fully compatible with Java, JavaScript, and other Web scripting languages.

SmartDesk also recently released its WebDB product, which provides relational and object database management for consumer, business, and development environments.

WebSuite v2.0 is available from the SmartDesk Web site as well as from authorized dealer locations for a retail price of $99.50. A free 15-day trial is available for download from the Web site as well.

For additional information about WebSuite or WebDB, visit the SmartDesk Web site.