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NetObjects Fusion 3.0 Ships Six Weeks Early

NetObjects, Inc. today announced the NetObjects Fusion ProPack, a suite of products and components that lets developers plug advanced technologies into NetObjects Fusion 3.0 to facilitate the creation of e-business Web sites.

The NetObjects Fusion ProPack will be available in May, 1998. NetObjects also announced that NetObjects Fusion 3.0 is shipping today.

The NetObjects Fusion ProPack is the first suite of developer tools especially designed to advance the creation of e-business Web sites and provides powerful solutions to address three critical areas of e-business functionality: dynamic data publishing, Java programming and client-and-server-side scripting.

The ProPack, a collection of four sets of components and three products complementary to NetObjects Fusion, includes:

  • Four sets of NetObjects Fusion components (NFXs) that enable site-builders to easily add dynamic data, commercial transactions, and other application functionality by integrating sites built with NetObjects Fusion into leading application server platforms including Allaire ColdFusion, Lotus Domino, Netscape Livewire, and Microsoft Active Server Pages.
  • NetObjects ScriptBuilder 2.0, a script editor for the Web that combines rich development tools with a visual point-and-click environment to enable rapid creation of both client and server-side scripts. Scripts created in NetObjects Scriptbuilder can be very easily integrated into NetObjects Fusion 3.0 to create dynamic Web sites.
  • IBM Visual Age for Java (Professional Edition), a sophisticated Java development environment that also enables the creation of NetObjects Fusion components--Java-encapsulated mini-applications that can be seamlessly integrated into NetObjects Fusion. VisualAge for Java has the ability to handle large-scale Java development requiring high security, client- and server-side functionality.
  • Lotus BeanMachine 1.1, a simple yet powerful tool that enables the creation of Java applets using Java Beans and also generates NetObjects Fusion Components.

The NetObjects Fusion ProPack will be available for an estimated street price of $149. Registered users of NetObjects Fusion and new NetObjects Fusion 3.0 customers can purchase the ProPack for $99.