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Vervet Logic Releases XML Editing Solution

Vervet Logic today announced the beta release of its XML editor, XML Pro.

The XML Pro editor enables users to develop and edit documents using XML, the new Internet document standard that was recently ratified by the W3C. XML Pro is the one of the first XML editors to be released to the developer community.

"XML Pro offers users with a broad range of experience to easily create and edit XML based documents, regardless of previous experience with SGML. The idea behind XML Pro is to provide users with an intuitive interface, and the ability to create well-formed, validated XML documents quickly and efficiently," said David Gulbransen, Vervet Logic CEO.

Among XML Pro's features is the ability to create and edit XML documents, validate them, and create/support Document Type Definitions (DTDs).

The beta of XML Pro is now available for Microsoft Windows platforms and may be downloaded for free from the Vervet Web site.

Vervet will also soon have a cross-platform Java version available. The final release of XML Pro is scheduled for April 7, 1998. For additional information about XML Pro, visit the Vervet Web site.