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Wootech to Release Voyager Freeware

Internet software company Wootech Corporation announced plans to release the freeware edition (Voyager FE) of its line of Voyager products.

The Voyager product line offers the world's first PEIE (performance enhancing and integration environment) for Web authoring/publishing tools.

Voyager is compatible with most current authoring/publishing tools such as Adobe PageMill, Microsoft FrontPage, BBEdit, Claris HomePage, Symantec Visual Page, and Symantec Visual Caf.

Voyager FE will be available for download from Wootech Corporation's Web site.

Voyager FE is compatible with MacOS, system 7.5 or higher. Future editions (Voyager Professional, Team, Enterprise and Destiny Editions) will be compatible with MacOS and Windows 95/NT.