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Compuware Announces NuMega DevPartner for Java

Compuware Corporation this week announced NuMega DevPartner for Java, its suite of development tools designed to automatically detect, diagnose, and help fix Java performance problems and run-time errors.

Compuware will preview the new product this week at JavaOne in San Francisco, CA.

Each of the components that make up DevPartner for Java will aid developers during the development process regardless of which Java tools are used to create the application or component. The tools in the Suite work together to help speed the debugging process.

The first release of DevPartner for Java will consist of two products: NuMega TrueTime Java Edition and NuMega JCheck.

TrueTime Java Edition will allow developers to optimize the performance and usability of Java applications and components by presenting detailed performance data. This will enable developers to pinpoint the performance bottlenecks in an efficient manner. NuMega JCheck is a run-time error detection tool for Java applications and components. Using JCheck technology, developers can more easily keep up with program flow.

According to Compuware, DevPartner for Java will be released in July 1998 for a retail price of $599. For more information, visit the Compuware Web site.