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NetDynamics Means Business With Beans

NetDynamics, Inc. today introduced NetDynamics BusinessBeans at JavaOne, a business-intelligence layer built on top of JavaSoft's Enterprise JavaBeans specification.

The new product helps organizations significantly reduce development time, deployment costs, and ease object management by enabling the dynamic creation and reuse of Java-based business objects for enterprise network applications.

Bridging industry standards, BusinessBeans are built on the Enterprise JavaBeans specification and use NetDynamics' CORBA infrastructure for heterogeneous communication. In addition, BusinessBeans may be accessed from Java, HTML, and ActiveX clients.

BusinessBeans are Java objects that act as metadata descriptions of Enterprise JavaBeans. For example, BusinessBeans can represent business entities such as "customer" or "invoice" and encapsulate data such as first name, last name, and address as well as business logic such as "validate customer."

BusinessBeans also aids developers in creating and managing Enterprise JavaBeans business entities from heterogeneous data sources and applications logic. The product is also designed to assist with the creation, deployment, and management of complex Java-based business entities and processes.

In addition to announcing support for Enterprise Java Beans, NetDynamics also introduced NetDynamics AgentBeans, a business logic subset of BusinessBeans. AgentBeans encapsulate and manage interactions between BusinessBeans such as business processes, relationships and external events.

BusinessBeans and AgentBeans are dynamically customizable and help make the NetDynamics platform an ideal deployment and management vehicle for Enterprise JavaBeans applications, addressing productivity, performance, scalability, dependability, metadata, object reuse and integration, user interface binding, and persistence.