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Digital Frontiers Releases Free HVS GIF Animator

Digital Frontiers this week announced the release of its HVS Animator for Macintosh and Windows NT/95.

HVS Animator is a free, full-featured GIF animation editor that offers precise control in the creation of animated GIFs.

HVS Animator is a full-featured animation editor, and includes the ability to:

  • build or batch import frames
  • modify frame delay
  • disposal
  • offsets
  • transparency
  • preview animations with exact delay times and rendering
  • see exact sizes for each frame, the overall animation, and the optimized animation

The commercial version of the product, HVS Animator Pro, adds additional optimization capabilities to the editing functions of HVS Animator. It improves the download time of existing GIFs but does not compromise the image quality. Using the HVS Animator Pro to compress the images can save over 70% in size if the GIFs have not already been optimized.

HVS Animator is freeware, and may be downloaded from the Digital Frontiers demo page. When you download the freeware version of HVS Animator, you also get to try out the additional Animator Pro features for 15 days. After 15 days the "extra" features can be unlocked by paying an unlocking fee of $49 for ColorGIF owners, $79 for standalone purchases.

For additional information about HVS Animator, HVS Animator Pro, or other graphic tools from Digital Frontiers, visit the Digital Frontiers Web site or send email to info@digfrontiers.com.