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Metafuse "Spears" E-Mail for Easier Management

Metafuse Inc. introduced a new tool today that enables users to capture targeted e-mail addresses, manage e-mail lists, and send messages to niche audiences.

Spear Professional Edition 1.0 provides Webmasters, technical support managers, and marketing managers with the ability to collect specific e-mail addresses, handle large e-mail lists, and deliver e-mail messages to targeted audiences.

Spear Enterprise Edition 1.0 for Windows 95/NT 4.0 also features an open database compliant tool that is used to gather information from in-house data sources.

Spear Professional enables administrators to manage subscriptions by e-mail as well as import e-mail addresses from delimited text files. Marketing managers can arrange the data in lists, at which time the targeted messages are sent via e-mail.

Spear also saves messages that have been sent--along with file attachments--and retains a detailed send log. The Enterprise Edition adds the ability to import data from any ODBC compliant database.

Spear Professional is now available for a retail price of $399, while Spear Enterprise retails for $999. Additional information, as well as a fifteen-day evaluation version of both Editions, is available from the Metafuse Web site.