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IBM Unveils "jCentral" Java Resource

IBM announced jCentral this week, the latest addition to its Java Web Site that enables developers to search for and locate Java information across the Internet.

jCentral points developers to Java source code, applets, JavaBeans, usenet newsgroup articles, FAQs, tutorials, and more.

IBM is billing jCentral as "the industry's most comprehensive resource for Java developers," and has so far categorized and indexed over 100,000 distinct sources of Java information.

By doing a search using the jCentral search engine, Java developers can locate all of the backgammon applets on the Web, or all of the source code written by a particular person such as James Gosling.

The search tool is a product of IBM's Research Labs, and the company believes it is the first of the next generation of search engines that will enable users to perform powerful queries over diverse data sources.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to become "members." The free membership enables developers to add their own resources to the site, and grants them the use of the jCentral Notification service.

The Notification service enables users to create a notification request that generates an ongoing search for the user's selected topics. jCentral then constantly searches the Net for those specific resources and periodically sends the user an e-mail summary of the results of the query.

For more information about jCentral or the jCentral Notification service, visit the jCentral Web site.