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NetObjects Supports Enterprise Java Bean Technology

NetObjects, Inc. announced that its NetObjects Fusion 3.0 Web site building application will be the first visual authoring product to immediately support Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

EJB is a new Java technology specification that enables the rapid development of client-server applications.

NetObjects' EJB support is manifested through the use of a servlet (server-side Java applet) interface. Site builders simply drop a Java servlet onto a Web page built in NetObjects Fusion 3.0 and customize its properties through a user-friendly properties palette. When deployed to a server, the servlet then triggers a similar action, which uses EJB to access back-end enterprise data and applications.

Developers can build and customize EJBs and integrate them with servlets placed in NetObjects Fusion, while departmental site builders can use pre-built EJBs to access enterprise information. The advanced site-developer may also choose to use NetObjects Fusion's open Java-based API (NFX) technology to write a plug-in component that surfaces the EJB directly as a page layout object inside NetObjects Fusion.

By integrating NetObjects' servlet capabilities with EJB, developers can now create solutions for the development of dynamic content, as well as specific e-commerce and personalization applications.

For example, developers use EJBs to extract and format product names and prices from a database on the server.

By using NetObjects Fusion 3.0's servlet capabilities, developers can now use a visual tool to lay out and design dynamically driven content on any Web page.