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MapInfo Sees Strong Future in Java

MapInfo Corporation announced this week it has made a strategic investment in Object/FX Corporation.

Object/FX, a Minnesota-based company that specializes in Java mapping technology, is the maker of SpatialX, a suite of Java components that are used to create mapping solutions.

Many organizations, including BellSouth, US West, United States Postal Service, Department of Defense, TRW, and Federal Express, are spatially-enabling some of their key applications through the use of Object/FX components.

At the present time, MapInfo offers a suite of Windows-based clients and servers, along with a data engine that stores and manages spatial information on the server. MapInfo's recent investment in Java technology will enable the company to provide platform-independent solutions to their customers.

For additional information on MapInfo Corporation or the Object/FX Corporation, or further details about the announcement, visit the companies' respective Web sites.