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Cisco to Employ XML-based Web Automation Server

webMethods, Inc., this week announced that Cisco Systems selected webMethods' XML-based Web Automation Server for its Market Research group.

webMethods' Web Automation Suite is one of the first XML-based solutions to automate the exchange of data between disparate applications, Web sites, and legacy data sources.

The Web Automation Server (WAS) will give Cisco a comprehensive solution with which to automate the process of aggregating business intelligence from disparate sources and utilizing it in a single application. WAS was designed to maximize the power of XML, which is a standardized method of including specialized metadata tags for any type of information such as Web and legacy data.

XML can enable companies to leverage current Web site investments and legacy data while allowing them to take advantage of new opportunities for non-proprietary e-commerce and integration solutions.

The Web Automation Server is currently available for all platforms for which there is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and integrates with DBMS products such as Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Web tools from Microsoft and Netscape, and ERP applications from SAP, Baan, and PeopleSoft.

For additional information about the Web Automation Server, visit the webMethods Web site. To find out more about XML, visit the WebDeveloper.com Guide to XML.