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WebManage Unveils Java-Based Site Management Solution

WebManage Technologies introduced SiteMARC this week, a Java-based management solution that provides complete enterprise site and traffic management.

Using SiteMARC, site administrators, hosting companies, and system integrators are able to build and manage multi-server, multi-location Internet/intranet Web sites.

SiteMARC allows distributed servers to act as if they are a single, scalable, reliable, easily managed Internet/intranet server. The tool is designed to reduce cost of site ownership, improve a site's performance and response times, prevent bottlenecks and breakdowns, and provide access to the site based on users' class of service.

The SiteMARC architecture is made up of IntelliDirector, IntelliAgents, and IntelliAdministrator:

  • IntelliAgents are Java processes that manage and monitor server resources.
  • IntelliDirector is a knowledge-based broker that works with IntelliAgents by enforcing policies, providing Load Balancing, Re-direction, Access Control, and Class of Service.
  • IntelliAdministrator acts as the administrator interface for the application and allows administrators to define the committed level of service, privileges, and overall predictability behavior of the site(s).

SiteMARC is scheduled for availability in July, with an Entry-level SiteMARC for two servers to be priced at $14,995. The tool will be available for Microsoft Windows NT or Unix servers, and is compatible with all Web server software.

For more information about SiteMARC or other WebManage products, visit the WebManage Web site.