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LaGarde Unveils StoreFront for Microsoft FrontPage

LaGarde, Inc. this week announced the release of its StoreFront electronic commerce product for Microsoft FrontPage.

StoreFront provides FrontPage developers with an integrated set of tools that are used to create e-commerce solutions within the FrontPage authoring environment.

StoreFront works by allowing FrontPage developers to connect to StoreFront's back-end e-commerce system. The new system is based on Active Server Pages technology and is completely portable to any Microsoft Windows NT Internet Information Server (IIS) platform. Additionally, StoreFront supports CyberCash transaction processing, further simplifying the task of creating a one-stop e-commerce system.

By using StoreFront's built-in "suggestive selling system" the developer is able to connect each product to related items that are recommended to a shopper when a specific product is ordered. StoreFront uses a two-tier design in which the code providing the e-commerce functionality is separate from the product presentation pages. Transaction processing is based on either e-mail or the built-in CyberCash component.

The tool also features built-in administrative reporting systems that provide detailed records of store transactions and sales summaries, and even includes a built-in invoicing utility.

StoreFront is available now for a retail price of $195, and may be purchased directly from the StoreFront Web site. For additional information, visit the StoreFront Web site, or contact sales@storefront.net.