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Servertec Announces iScript Scripting Language

Servertec this week announced iScript, a platform-independent scripting language written entirely in Java.

iScript is being developed for use in creating scalable server-side, object-oriented, n-Tier enterprise solutions.

The iScript scripting language features:

  • platform independence
  • object oriented architecture
  • Web Server integration
  • support for Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
  • dynamic content generator
  • static content preprocessor
  • make facility
  • just-in-time pcode generator and caching
  • JavaTM API wrappers
  • open component API

Servertec said it will soon release the iScript Developer Kit, which includes the iScript scripting language, documentation, and examples. Developers will be able to use the iSDK to design and maintain dynamic, data-driven, and static Web sites.

An iScript preview release can be downloaded from the Servertec Web site. The final release of iScript is expected to be released in the second half of 1998, with final pricing to be announced at that time. For additional information on iScript, visit the Servertec Web site.