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HexMac Releases Challenger XT 1.0

HexMac recently released Challenger XT 1.0, its new DHTML XTension for QuarkXPress 4.0 and 3.3x on Power Macintosh.

Challenger XT 1.0 turns QuarkXPress into a full-featured Dynamic HTML development tool. It uses Cascading StyleSheets, absolute positioning, and 3D layering to generate the layout. The CSS which is generated by Challenger XT is compatible with the latest versions of Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

Challenger XT enables developers to animate any QuarkXPress page element by using a timeline-based editor. Page elements can be converted to clickable Popout Windows. Many effects are included, and they may be used with any text or image element.

The utility can be purchased from the HexMac Online Shop for a retail price of $299. To download a demo version or take an interactive tour of Challenger XT features, visit the HexMac Web site.