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Macromedia Updates Dreamweaver

Macromedia's new Dreamweaver 1.2 enables Web developers to deploy advanced Dynamic HTML features for users of 4.0 browsers, while maintaining compatibility with 3.0 versions.

Macromedia also announced that the recommended retail price of Dreamweaver 1.2 will remain at US$299, the same as the introductory price for Dreamweaver 1.0. A 30-day trial version of Dreamweaver 1.2 is now available for download at no charge from www.dreamweaver.com. All current Dreamweaver 1.0 customers can also download a free Dreamweaver 1.2 updater.

The new tool allows Web designers to create pages that incorporate advanced Dynamic HTML features--such as layers and cascading style sheets--for users with 4.0 browsers, while ensuring compatibility for users with 3.0 browsers.

By using the Convert to 3.0 Browser command, the page will be compatible with 3.0 browsers, while allowing users with newer browsers to experience Dynamic HTML. Dreamweaver 1.2 also includes a behavior to automatically send viewers to the page optimized for their particular browser.

Users can now check for broken or external links within pages, directories, or the entire Web site. A single update fixes all references to any orphaned files. Customers using Dreamweaver from behind a firewall can now take advantage of its extensive FTP functionality.

The product also allows Web developers to edit images by launching their familiar image-editing tool, such as Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe PhotoShop.

Dreamweaver 1.2 includes an enhanced library of JavaScript behaviors. In addition to rollover effects, form validation, drag and drop, image swapping and Shockwave controls, the updated version now includes new behaviors such as check browser, drag and drop layers and pre-load images. Users can also easily create new behaviors and configure them in the customizable behaviors palette.

Using the new Drag Layer feature, developers can assign properties to specific layers without coding, enabling them to create engaging, interactive pages. Dreamweaver 1.2 also includes a new Graphical Resize feature, allowing users to select and resize images and other elements directly on the page.

The tool is now double-byte enabled, so users can configure fixed and proportional fonts to support the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese character sets.

For more information, visit Macromedia's Dreamweaver site.