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XML-Enabled Internet Development Suite Ships

OmniMark Technologies Corporation today announced that OmniMark Konstructor has ended its successful Beta testing run and is now shipping commercially.

OmniMark Konstructor is the first XML-enabled development suite to combine extended XML/hypertext support, rapid custom development, distributed processing, and intelligent load management for large-scale, personalized Web delivery.

With OmniMark Konstructor, Web content can be synthesized for browser- specific HTML, plain HTML, PDF (in conjunction with a formatting engine), XML (to be processed by an XML/XSL-aware browser), or whatever format comes next.

OmniMark customers, including The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, have taken advantage of Konstructor's flexibility, quickly supporting multiple Web media and push technologies simultaneously.

Applications built with Konstructor can load repositories (such as relational databases) with incoming or newly-authored data, applying XML tagging as required. They also support any XML schema, including such emerging standards as OFX, CDF, ICE, and will be able to handle any future XML applications, according to OmniMark.

Enterprise pricing for OmniMark Konstructor starts at $60,000, depending on system configuration. OmniMark Konstructor runs on Windows NT and UNIX platforms.