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RealNetworks Announces RealSystem G2

RealNetworks, Inc. today unveiled RealSystem G2 at its RealNetworks Conference '98, a next-generation media delivery system for the Internet and corporate intranets.

RealSystem G2 is the first open, extensible, standards-based streaming media system that delivers new rich media experiences to users through the synchronization and playback of multiple data types.

RealSystem G2 combines state-of-the-art audio and video compression technology with a sophisticated new transport system, enabling higher levels of broadcast quality and reliability over today's IP-based networks, RealNetworks said.

RealSystem G2 enables native support for multiple media file formats with a standardized layout language for synchronizing media datatypes, coupled with an automated system for dynamically updating client software, paving the way for broad-scale deployment of advanced multimedia experiences on the Internet and corporate intranets.

"Three years ago this month, RealNetworks created the streaming media industry with the introduction of RealAudio, the Internet's first streaming media delivery system," said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO, RealNetworks, Inc. "Today's announcement of RealSystem G2 is a similar watershed event for the industry. RealSystem G2 has been built from the ground up to propel the next generation of streaming media delivery."

RealSystem G2 features include:

  • A powerful new G2 music codec which increases the frequency response of audio by 80% for 28.8 modem connections, and new video post-filtering capabilities create smoother images for end-users.
  • New SmartStream transport technology delivers reliable and continuous end-user playback under real-world network conditions. With SmartStream, single media files now dynamically scale to deliver RealAudio and RealVideo to users at all connection rates.
  • The addition of two new media types, RealText and RealPix, combined with support for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL), enable rich multi-stream programming to be delivered over typical modem connections.
  • Next Generation RealPlayer, a new player interface that offers users one-button access to more than 60 leading media content providers, and alerts users whenever new media content or breaking news stories are available.
  • An intuitive, Web-based interface that allows users to customize their selections and choose from leading Internet broadcast sites, including CNN, ABC, FOX, ESPN, CBS SportsLine, Wall Street Journal, CNET, Sony, and Warner.