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RealSystem G2 (continued)

RealSystem G2 is the first system built on industry standards, implementing RTSP, the Real Time Streaming Protocol, as the standard client/server protocol for streaming media, and SMIL as the standard integration and layout language for rich multi-stream media presentations.

RTSP recently received its RFC number from the Internet Engineering Task Force . Earlier this month, RealNetworks announced support for the W3C's SMIL proposed standard, which enables Web authors to easily create synchronized multimedia presentations using a wide range of multimedia elements including voice, music, visual effects, text, and graphics.

RealSystem G2 also includes native support for most existing media file formats on the Web today including ASF, AVI, JPEG, MPEG, VIV, and WAV.

RealSystem G2 players and servers are built on an extensible, dynamically updateable media delivery architecture, allowing new media formats to be built and streamed from server to player without requiring users to download new players or Web sites to install new servers.

Third-party datatypes like MIDI, VRML, and Flash animation can now be combined seamlessly into multimedia presentations that scale from dial-up to broadband connections.

More than fourteen companies announced new datatypes that can be delivered and played back in RealSystem G2, with several more under development. As a powerful, open system built on the industry standards RTSP and SMIL, RealSystem G2 provides a rich foundation for third party and corporate application developers.

"We continue to see huge demand for Windows NT Server as a platform for running scalable, mission critical business solutions," said David Cole, vice president, Microsoft Corporation. "We are pleased that RealNetworks has focused on Windows NT Server as a platform for RealSystem G2. This is a great example of the kind of scalable server applications that can be built on the Windows NT Server platform."