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Nacimiento Software Unveils AppletVIEW Toolkit

Nacimiento Software Corp. today announced the release of AppletVIEW Toolkit 1.0, a product used to develop Java applets that communicate over the Web through virtual instrumentation servers to instruments and devices.

The AppletVIEW Toolkit facilitates the creation of graphical user interfaces that are used to access and control electrical or mechanical systems via the Internet or intranets. Engineers and scientists using the AppletVIEW Toolkit can develop Java applets which can be used as "virtual control panels" for existing instrumentation systems.

As a cross-platform solution, the AppletVIEW Toolkit enables standard Web browsers to be used to control and monitor ongoing experiments, processes, machines, test equipment, instruments, and other physical devices from any location.

The AppletVIEW Toolkit is a drag-and-drop programming tool that automatically generates Java applets. Sliders, knobs, graphs and other controls are dragged-and-dropped within the applet building tool to create the GUI.

The user interface controls and applets are implemented as Java Beans, and include the built-in ability to communicate over networks. The toolkit is written entirely in Java, runs within existing Web browsers and has been tested on Windows 95, Windows NT, MacOS and UNIX.

The AppletVIEW Toolkit 1.0 is now available from Nacimiento Software Corporation. For additional information, visit the company Web site or send e-mail to info@nacimiento.com.