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AccuSoft Releases Web Animator

AccuSoft Corp. recently released the AccuSoft Web Animator, which enables developers to create Web animations, banners, and ads using point-and-click methodology.

The Web animator may be utilized to edit pre-existing animated GIFs, and improve the performance of Web sites by compressing and optimizing the animated GIF images which are being used on the site.

The product includes advanced features that allow even non-artists to create animated images, banners, text and Web advertisments. Designers can create animations, banners, or still images directly from text by simply typing in the text message, selecting the background style, and choosing the type of automatic animation from a set of 10 styles and other options.

In addition, the Web Animator may also be used to animate still images by adding movement, scaling, rotating, adding transitions, and palette animations. By using a dialog box for selecting control options and styles and choosing a method, each frame of the animation is generated automatically.

More importantly, Web Animator includes what AccuSoft is calling "the world's best GIF optimization algorithms and techniques for producing the smallest possible Web file, at the best possible quality." The designer is able to choose from a variety of options which control the type of optimization used.

Web Animator then analyzes all the frames and creates the best optimized or mapped palette, removes any redundant info and frames, and finds other methods of reducing the resulting file size. Users are able to view the before and after results of optimization side by side, a frame at a time, or they may view a preview of the animation.

Recently Web Animator was able to reduce the size of animated GIF images that had already been optimized by other tools by another 46%!

The Web Animator has a retail price of $99. A demo version is available for download from the AccuSoft Web site.