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Macromedia Releases Flash Generator beta

Macromedia, Inc. recently announced the release of the public beta of Flash Generator, its new server-based software that uses Flash 3 templates to generate Web graphics--on the fly--using dynamic data.

Using Flash 3, developers can design graphic templates, which themselves are then linked to a data file and served by Flash Generator. Flash Generator can generate vector-based, binary Flash files along with the standard GIFs or animated GIFs.

The tool automates the process of linking database content to graphics, and provides developers with the ability to create real-time headlines, mastheads, advertising, interactive maps, schedules, charts or graphs.

Flash Generator enables developers to use any graphic, which can then be generated from a data source and refreshed, all without redesigning the graphic or page.

The tool uses JRun technology from Live Software to link dynamic data to the Flash 3 template graphics. JRun is a server-side application that enables Web servers and other applications to support Java Servlets.

The public beta of Flash Generator is available for Microsoft IIS running on Windows NT, and Microsoft Personal Web Server for Windows 95. To download Flash Generator, visit Macromedia's Flash Generator area.

The final release of Flash Generator is expected to become available in the summer of 1998. For additional information about Flash Generator, visit the Macromedia Web site.