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RealNetworks Previews RealSystem G2

RealNetworks today announced the preview release of the RealSystem G2 Player and Player Plus, a next generation media system designed to deliver the quality multimedia content and reliability that developers and end-users have been looking for.

RealSystem G2 is more than just another player; it's an "open standards-based, cross-platform media system" that allows developers to create synchronized audio, video, images, slides, and text presentations.

Content providers are able to utilize the open, published APIs and a standards-based extensible architecture to develop powerful multimedia applications, client/server solutions, and custom multimedia datatypes.

The preview release of RealSystem G2 will provide both end-users and developers with a look at the future of media on the Net. To download the new RealPlayer G2, visit the Real Networks G2 TechShowcase. Once you've downloaded and installed the player, you'll want to view the information and demos of RealSystem G2 available at the RealSystem G2 Home.

For an in-depth look at RealSystem G2, visit the Real Networks G2 page, and be sure to check out the Web Developer.com Guide to RealSystem G2 and SMIL.