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ParaSoft Unveils CodeWizard for Java V1.1

ParaSoft Corp. this week announced the release of CodeWizard for Java v1.1, a Java development tool designed to automatically enforce coding standards.

ParaSoft said CodeWizard for Java enables even beginner developers to refine their code, work more productively in teams, and prevent errors.

The product analyzes Java code and provides developers with expert "tips and tricks" that show how to enhance performance, improve design, and prevent mistakes from occurring within the code. This latest release of Code Wizard enforces almost twice as many Java rules as the last version, according to ParaSoft.

New rules added to the new release:

  • Enforces name format of exceptions
  • Enforces name format of class variables
  • Enforces name format of class methods
  • Unused throws statement
  • Close stream in finally block
  • Unused private class variable
  • Unused private class methods
  • Explicitly initialize all static variables
  • Distinguish between javadoc and ordinary comments

Additionally, the new release is designed to enable developers to customize the Java tool for a particular product or user. ParaSoft said CodeWizard is also aimed at shortening production time and expenses for those developing Java products.

CodeWizard for Java v1.1 is available for Unix at a retail price of $1,995 per machine license, and $549 per copy for Microsoft Windows systems. The tool can be purchased directly from the Parasoft Web site.