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Vervet Logic Unveils XML Pro v1.0

Vervet Logic this week introduced version 1.0 of its XML editor, XML Pro, a tool that enables users to design and edit documents using the XML language, the new document standard that was recently ratified by the World Wide Web Consortium.

XML Pro, one of the first visual XML editors to be offered to the developer community, is actually an advanced XML Editor with an intuitive interface that enables developers to generate valid, well-formed XML documents.

Features of XML Pro include:

  • An intuitive graphic user interface
  • A document tree outline view that preserves document structure
  • XML validation support with Document Type Definition (DTD) integration
  • Element Wizard for element creation and management
  • Attribute Wizard for attribute creation and management
  • Support for entities, CDATA and XML Comments
  • XML code preview and printing support
  • supports the XML 1.0 specification from the W3C

Vervet said XML Pro is designed to provide developers with a quick, functional solution for the editing of XML documents.

The tool is available from the Vervet Logic Web site for an introductory price of $99.95, good until July 1, after which it will be priced at $149.95.