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Last Tango for EveryWare

EveryWare Development Inc. today announced the release of Tango Enterprise 3.1 for Macintosh, the last of the Tango family of products to be released.

Other members of the Tango family of products include Tango 3 for FileMaker Pro, and Tango Enterprise for the Windows 95 and NT platforms, now with Macintosh, Windows 95/NT, Sun Solaris, and AIX versions available.

The Tango Enterprise 3.1 features an enhanced visual drag-and-drop environment that enables developers to rapidly create Web applications. The tool fully supports server-side Java integration and projects for grouping application files, and includes capabilities for enhancing programmatic constructs.

Tango's expandable tree window enables developers to easily navigate through complex applications, manipulating the display, business, and database logic of the Tango application file. EveryWare said the tool greatly simplifies standard computer programming constructs, allowing developers to create sophisticated Web applications.

Tango is now compatible with JavaScript 1.2, and features a new script action that includes an interface for developers executing JavaScripts at the server level.

For additional information about Tango Enterprise 3.1 for the Macintosh, visit the EveryWare Development Web site.