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Automatic Java Module Testing Utility Unveiled

ParaSoft Corporation today announced the release of jtest! v2.0, the first completely automatic "white-box testing tool" for Java programmers.

Using jtest! 2.0, programmers have the ability to automatically test programs at the class or even the module level. This capability provides developers with the capacity to locate all the bugs in their code.

Until the advent of tools such as jtest! v2.0, this type of testing was a long, tedious process. Problematic bugs often remained hidden until the product was introduced to the consumer market. As a solution to that problem, jtest! probes deep into a class and makes sure that each method has been properly constructed.

Testing exhaustively at the module level, jtest! 2.0 can aid developers in the production of applets, servlets and applications.

jtest! 2.0 is supported on Windows 95/NT and Solaris platforms. For a free evaluation, or additional information, visit the Parasoft jtest! Web site.