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NetBeans Releases Beta of NetBeans IDE

NetBeans, Inc. this week announced the beta release of NetBeans IDE, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that was written entirely in Java based on Sun's Java Foundation Classes framework.

The NetBeans IDE utilizes an object-oriented paradigm in order to provide developers with an easily extendible and distributed programming environment. The tool is one of the first IDEs to generate JFC code without using any third-party framework.

NetBeans IDE extensively uses templates, wizards and code generators to shorten the developer's learning curve without limiting the capabilities of the generated code.

The NetBeans IDE is supported on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Windows NT and Win95, UNIX, Linux, OS/2, and Solaris.

The tool is actually made up of JavaBeans components, and all stages of the development cycle, including editing, compilation, execution and debugging, may be accessed from within the system. The NetBeans IDE user interface is based around Java Foundation Classes and uses its full featureset, and strictly adheres to the JDK 1.1 JavaBeans event model.

NetBeans Developer, the first version of the NetBeans IDE to be released, includes:

  • full support for JavaBeans components;
  • a JFC-based form editor with full support for layout managers;
  • an integrated debugger;
  • a text editor with syntax coloring;
  • a pluggable look and feel;
  • applet generation support;
  • and multiple virtual desktops.

The NetBeans Developer beta is available now from the NetBeans Web site. The full version is expected to be released in the third quarter of 1998.