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NetGraphics Studio2 Now Available

Hemera Technologies Inc. today released NetGraphics Studio2, the latest version of Hemera's Web illustration and optimization software.

The new release includes NetGraphics Optimizer2, a wizard-driven Web graphics conversion and optimization application, and NetGraphics Gallery2, a collection of over 2000 royalty-free photo-objects. PhotoFont Maker, a utility that enables developers to quickly create photographic quality textured fonts, is also featured.

NetGraphics Optimizer2 allows designers to convert and optimize existing images into a more Web-capable format. Since the Optimizer2 features drag-and-drop capabilities, the images can be dropped from the Optimizer2 into the developer's HTML editor. The utility guides the developer through the entire process using a Wizard-like GUI. After analyzing the image, Optimizer2 then recommends the best file format for the image.

New features of the Optimizer2 include the crop tool, batch processing, and support for external graphics packages and HTML editors.

NetGraphics Studio2 sells for a retail price of $99.99, and is available for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95. For additional information, visit the Hemera Technologies Web site.