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O'Reilly Introduces Perl Resource for Win32 Developers

O'Reilly & Associates this week announced the Perl Resource Kit-Win32 Edition, a collection of documentation and software designed to simplify the development of Perl programs for the Win32 platform.

Until now, Windows Perl programmers have been in the minority, while Unix-based Perl scripts have generally been used for system administration and Web programming tasks.

The Perl Resource Kit-Win32 Edition will ship with Perl version 5.005 (which is scheduled to be released in August). The Kit will also be packaged with tools from ActiveState, including the Perl Debugger and the Visual Perl Package Manager.

The Debugger includes a graphical interface that enables Perl developers to locate and resolve bugs in a fast, efficient manner. The Visual Perl Package Manager allows developers to install, manage and remove Perl modules and extensions, simplifying what has been a formidable task for Win32 programmers up until now.

Expect the Perl Resource Kit-Win32 Edition to be released in late August, with a suggested retail price of $149.95. For additional information, visit the O'Reilly & Associates Web site.