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New Web Server for Macintosh Debuts

Tenon Intersystems announced WebTen 2.1, an upgrade to its Apache-based Web server for Power Macs.

WebTen 2.1 is able to sustain 1000 hits/second and is 100% compatible with HTTP/1.1. It includes DNS, multihoming FTP (for uploading Web content on a virtual host-by-virtual host basis), NFS (for offloading content), and SSL 3.0 (for supporting e-commerce with multiple secure certificates on a single machine).

WebTen 2.1 includes an updated suite of core Internet software, as well as expanded capabilities. WebTen's Administration Server has been extended to support more configuration options, and multihoming FTP as well as plug-in server responses are both now configurable via this point and click interface. The release includes improved support for W*API plug-ins, AppleScript CGIs (ACGIs) and Internet-standard CGIs.

The WebTen 2.1 CD includes Tenon's recently announced Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow Macintosh developers to build new Apache modules, as well as a preview of a high-performance, industry-standard search engine, ht://Dig.

A downloadable demo is available at: http://www.tenon.com/products/webten.