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Microsoft Netshow Marches to "Drumbeat"

Elemental Software this week announced an agreement with Microsoft under which Elemental's Drumbeat 2.0 will be included with the release of the Windows NT Server Netshow Services JumpStart CD.

Drumbeat is Elemental's Web assembly tool that is specifically designed for creating rich streaming-media sites. The announcement was made in conjunction with Microsoft's release of the Windows Media Technologies, which include Windows NT Server NetShow Services, Windows Media player, and the Microsoft NetShow Theater Server.

Web developers who combine the features of Drumbeat 2.0 with Netshow Services will be able to create database-driven streaming-media Web sites at a faster rate than was previously possible, according to Elemental.

The company said it will also provide developers using the 30-day trial version of Drumbeat 2.0 with a sample application and tutorial that shows how to build the kind of database-driven, streaming-media solutions that until now have taken weeks to develop.

Drumbeat 2.0 enables developers to drag and drop SmartElements onto a page, then make them respond to users and seamlessly work with other components, including ActiveX controls, Java Applets, COM objects, scriptlets and plug-ins. The tool also allows individuals to update their company's Web site by using the Web browser interface.

For additional information about Drumbeat 2.0, visit the Elemental Software Web site.