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Quadbase Debuts EspressChart version 1.4

Quadbase Systems Inc. today announced EspressChart, version 1.4, a utility tool designed to enable developers to create and publish dynamic graphic charts on the Web.

The tool includes Chart Designer, Chart Viewer and Chart Server, along with the Chart API, and fully supports Sun's Java Development Kit 1.1.

The EspressChart is made to allow developers to create and edit charts using a Java-enabled Web browser. The Chart Server performs file I/O and accesses the JDBC/ODBC data source located on the server, while the Chart Viewer enables users to view the dynamic charts using their browser.

With ExpressChart, the firm said developers can create professional looking 2D/3D charts using simple point-and-click methods. The chart template results can be used within applets or applications, or may be placed directly into a Web page.

EspressChart includes support for 13 basic chart types using 2D and 3D, trend lines and 29 combinations.

EspressChart v.1.4 is available as a JavaBean component, and can be used in Java IDEs such as Visual Cafe and JBuilder. The tool supports Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 95, Solaris, Unix and IBM platforms including S-390, AS/400 and RS/6000, the company said.

Pricing for the Windows NT version is set at $999, with other platform pricing to be announced later this month.