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HindSight Unveils forumLynx, searchLynx 2.0

HindSight Ltd. this week announced the release of forumLynx 2.0 and searchLynx 2.0 with new improvements that include a 400% increase in speed, expanded vocabulary of remote commands, and several interface enhancements.

forumLynx enables the developer to set up and host online discussion forums. The software features fast response times and message threads that are easy to follow and understand.

Using password protected sysop commands, the administrator can add, delete or rename forums, edit or delete messages, and reassign messages from one forum to another. Admins can also create and update a "bad word" censorship feature that prevents users from using profanity within the forums.

searchLynx enables users to place their image libraries on the Web using a Web-based image catalog that allows researchers to search for specific images. The software locates the images fitting the descriptions and generates Web pages featuring thumbnails of the matching images.

forumLynx and searchLynx, which both utilize the Panorama database, retail for $295 per license and require a Macintosh server with WebSTAR. For additional information, visit the HindSight Ltd. Web site.