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IBM alphaWorks Introduces MediaBeans

IBM's alphaWorks today debuted MediaBeans, the latest multimedia tool to be added to its collection of Java-based multimedia products.

MediaBeans is a "Java-based modular component framework" that was designed expressly for multimedia applications. The MediaBean enables users to create custom combinations of multimedia components that can run on users' local machines, on a network as streaming media, or for conferencing.

Using MediaBeans, developers are able to utilize the framework to place multimedia content on Web sites without any Java programming. These multimedia applications are generated dynamically by embedding the configuration data for the MediaBeans applet inside the HTML code.

alphaWorks said that multimedia tools are "quickly becoming an important component in many developers projects," and that it is primarily these features "that differentiate developer's applications in the increasingly competitive e-business arena."

For additional information about alphaWorks or MediaBeans, visit IBM's alphaWorks Web site.