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ALC Interactive Announces Full-Motion Video for the Web

ALC Interactive recently announced "EyeStoppers," a service that allows full-motion video footage to be converted to standalone graphics files that can be used on Web pages and viewed with any browser, without Java or plug-ins.

According to ALC Interactive, recent tests have indicated that the use of full-motion video increases clickthrough rates and product sales on a Web site.

An interview with technical personnel at ALC Interactive revealed that their technology goes far beyond simple "AVI-to-GIF conversion."

EyeStoppers imports analog or digital video footage by hand into a sophisticated hardware-based digital editing console, and manipulates the source files digitally to remove extra source frames and optimize color.

The end result is basically a hand-optimized digital video file, delivered in animated GIF format, which is then e-mailed to back to the developer.

Advanced compression algorithms help minimize the download time, which is far less than typical video and requires no streaming servers or high bandwidth overhead.

For additional information, or to see the EyeStoppers in action, visit the EyeStoppers Web site.