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Avenida Ships 100% Pure Java Web Server

Avenida Technologies Limited this week announced the release of Avenida Web Server 1.0, one of the first Web servers to be certified by Sun Microsystems as 100% Pure Java.

With its servlet architecture the Avenida Web Server 1.0 is said to be a great addition to the server-side Java technology movement. The certification by Sun indicates that the product is fully capable of running in any Java-enabled computer.

Sun Microsystems' 100% Pure Java program was created to guarantee that Sun's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" vision of Java continues to be accessible to developers and end-users. The program is made up of a verification and testing process done by third party companies.

Servlets hold great appeal for developers because they can be used to extend a Web server's functionality by running certain processes on the server side.

According to Avenida, developers also get the benefit of seamlessly employing Java at the server side in added-value Web applications.

The Avenida Web Server 1.0 can be purchased from the Avenida Web site for a retail price of around $150.