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Flicks Releases Plug-Ins for Membership-Based Sites

Flicks Software this week announced the release of AuthentiX version 4 and WebQuota, two "plug-in" components that enable developers to manage membership areas using Microsoft IIS Web server.

AuthentiX, the Web site access management tool, enables administrators and webmasters to create form-based or cookie-free private membership areas. The utility can validate against its own internal database or any ODBC database, including Access, SQLServer, InformiX, Sybase, Oracle, etc. The included integration scripts connect with online credit card verification companies to make a one-stop commerce solution.

AuthentiX ISP is a multi-user version of AuthentiX that was created for Internet Service Providers looking to manage multiple customers, each with their own separate membership areas.

WebQuota has all of AuthentiX's features along with select tools for preventing account abuse. The tool was designed for those who are concerned about the misuse of Web site membership privileges, and can track and trace multiple concurrent logins.

Another helpful feature of WebQuota is the ability to provide usage throttling based on Kbytes, requests, or sequential logins. WebQuota also supports form-based cookie protection and Basic Authentication enabling browser-independent platform compatibility.

AuthentiX has a retail price of $299, AuthentiX ISP starts at $595 for 5 administrators, and WebQuota is available for $495. For additional information, visit the Flicks Software Web site.