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Sybase Unveils New Versions of Web Development Tools

Sybase, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of its distributed Web development tools--PowerBuilder 6.5, the leading enterprise development tool, and PowerJ 2.5, a Java-based enterprise development tool.

These new releases are key components of the Enterprise Application Studio, an integrated product set and new Sybase offering. Sybase Enterprise Application Server--also introduced today--is a new scalable deployment platform that will be part of the Enterprise Application Studio.

A component of PowerBuilder 6.5, Sybase said the Web Deployment Kit is a new "turnkey solution" that enables immediate deployment of PowerBuilder applications to the Web without requiring re-coding or re-development. The Web Deployment Kit for PowerBuilder reduces total cost of deployment and management of applications by enabling server-based, centralized distribution and administration, according to Sybase.

The tool makes it possible to run unmodified Windows applications from any computer with a Java Virtual Machine. Applications running on a Windows NT server can be deployed across networks, including the Internet and company intranets, to a number of different client operating systems.

Sybase said the Web Deployment Kit for PowerBuilder has the ability to process events locally on the client to reduce network traffic and server loads. These features are delivered using industry standards such as the Java programming language and TCP/IP.

For Java developers, PowerJ 2.5 is an enterprise development tool for building distributed, Web applications. New features of PowerJ 2.5 include:

  • WYSIWYG HTML editing
  • Web site management
  • Client and server-side JavaScript editing and debugging
  • Web application generation
  • Physical data modeling
  • Support for Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.1.6 and easy JDK switching
  • Integrated support for Java Foundation classes (JFC), including Swing components