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Activerse Releases DingBot SDK Beta

Activerse, Inc., developer of Ding!, the first Java-based presence management/instant messaging software, today announced the availability of the DingBot SDK beta, the bot software developer's kit.

With DingBot SDK, software developers can create customized programs called DingBots, which are tailored for specific purposes and integrated with the Ding! online presence system. A bot is an Internet application that acts as an agent for users, automatically performing functions on the user's behalf. DingBots communicate with each other and with users through instant messages, chat, and file transfers.

DingBots can be created to perform daily functions such as searching for and retrieving specific information, managing group communication such as online meetings, and monitoring online devices. Included in the DingBot SDK beta release are several pre-configured DingBots that can be further customized for specific tasks:

  • BroadcastBot is designed to forward data and communications to subscribed users. With BroadcastBot, users can be notified instantly of important news, business developments, or even sports scores or weather bulletins.
  • HelpBot aids those using the Ding! system by interactively walking users through Ding!'s functions. New HelpBots may be created to help users with other products or tasks as well.
  • TickerBot is designed to monitor real-time sources of information such as stock prices, then selectively publishes that data to subscribed users. TickerBots also allow for the editing and filtering of data before publication to users.

Activerse said DingBot SDK's all-Java infrastructure can be used to wrap existing communications software, including third-party Internet messaging, audio-video tools, and telephony gateways.

The DingBot SDK beta release and Ding! 2.0 are available now and can be downloaded from Activerse's Web site at www.activerse.com. Ding! is free for non-commercial use, or $29.95 per user for commercial and business purposes, with discounts for volume purchases.