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IBM and Microsoft Submit DCD for XML Specification

IBM and Microsoft this week jointly submitted a specification--called the Document Content Description for XML--to the W3C, making it available for discussion by W3C members.

If the W3C approves the specification, a version of DCD will become part of the next "official" version of XML. The DCD specification describes a method of specifying the rules that govern the structure and content of XML documents.

XML has been touted as the "next generation specification and architecture for structuring and tagging data," and facilitates the use and exchange of data between applications using the Web.

IBM and Microsoft's DCD specification is expected to enhance the ability of businesses to use XML technology. According to the release issues by IBM, the DCD will allow a "more flexible and powerful way to define document structures, which in turn will increase the utility of XML for exchanging data between applications."

For additional information, visit the W3C's Submission page.