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Elliott|Dickens Releases Banner Study Results

Elliott Dickens this week released the results of its banner research conducted across major Web networks in an effort to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the emerging Web advertising marketplace.

The firm created a series of test buys to shed light on network performance in a specific head-to-head competitive test.

The company said it attempted to:

  1. measure the value of targeting a banner campaign at specific affinity groups on specific networks, versus purchasing untargeted buys
  2. demonstrate the relative power of each network to deliver click throughs versus competing networks with similar buys and identical creative

Banners were selected based on "strong and measured performance in previous buys, potential for broad-reach messaging, and the varied creative and design approaches relative to each other," according to Elliott Dickens.

Among the networks selected for the test were DoubleClick, Flycast, Burst, SmartClicks, LinkExchange, and 24/7.

Three test banners were placed across affinity groups within each network by putting the banners in front of the most appropriate markets.

In one such example, a PC backup service banner was placed on the "computers" or equivalent affinity group on each network. This same banner was placed across an "untargeted" buy in each network.

Elliott Dickens developed the test to measure the relative click through performance of the selected networks within the context of a "specific buy under specific conditions."

To see the summary and spreadsheet results of Elliott Dickens' test, visit the BannerTest area of the Elliott Dickens Web site.