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Bluestone Software To Support Enterprise JavaBeans

Bluestone Software, Inc. today announced the release of its Web application server framework, Sapphire/Web, now featuring support for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) from Sun Microsystems.

The Sapphire/Web EJB Server includes support for most of the EJB standards that are outlined in Specification 1.0, using a non-proprietary implementation. Additionally, new versions of the Sapphire/Universal Business Server (UBS) and Sapphire/Developer include support for XML, as well as a Proxy-based Load Balance Broker.

The Sapphire/Universal Business Server (UBS) 5.1 and Sapphire/Developer 5.1, both available immediately, offer extensive EJB support, including:

  • Full EJB Server Implementation w using a native EJB server implementation, Sapphire/Web can create cross-platform, multi-tier, distributed EJB application servers using a visual drag-and-drop interface.
  • Integration with Other EJBbs w Sapphire/UBS can be deployed as a native EJB which can be hosted by any EJB-compliant server.
  • EJB Sapphire/Integration Modules (SIMs) w Any EJB that is created will become a SIM, a pre-built, plug-in integration module.

For additional information about Bluestone Software and Sapphire/Web, email info@bluestone.com or visit the Bluestone Software Web site.