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Macromedia Fires Up "Generator"

Macromedia, Inc. this week announced the release of Macromedia Generator, a solution for creating automated and personalized Web site graphics.

Macromedia Generator is a server-based tool that utilizes templates that have been developed in Flash 3 to generate Web graphics dynamically by using "live" data. The Generator family of products includes the Developer's Studio for creating graphic templates, and the Generator Graphics Server which actually serves the real-time Web graphics.

Generator automates the process of linking data-driven content to Web site graphics, allowing developers to create dynamic headlines, mastheads, advertising, interactive maps, schedules, charts, graphs, etc.

The product provides developers with additional flexibility and control over the appearance of their data-driven graphics. Generator exports to all standard Web graphic formats, including GIF, JPEG and PNG, and vector-based Flash (.swf) files as well.

Generator was designed for data-driven Web sites that feature frequently changing graphical content, including:

  • News and information sites that display live information, such as graphical sports scores, headlines, weather maps, response graphs, or event listings.
  • Corporate and commerce sites that dynamically generate promotional information, real-time advertising, charts and schematics.
  • Destination sites that require personalization and customization of the user interface, as well as branded, promotional content.
  • Design and creative firms looking to create engaging and compelling dynamic content.

For more information about Generator, visit the Macromedia Generator Web site.