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ObjectSpace Launches Voyager

ObjectSpace, Inc. recently announced the launch of Voyager Professional Edition, the next generation of ObjectSpace's 100% Pure Java software development platform for distributed object computing.

Using the Voyager platform, along with its CORBA-compliant object request broker, developers are able to increase productivity, reduce time-to-market and quickly create advanced, high performance enterprise solutions.

ObjectSpace's solution combines the features of mobile autonomous agents and remote method invocation by using dynamic CORBA and RMI compatibility. This extends to developers a single code base which provides seamless support for the most widely-used distributed object models. VoyagerPro's autonomous agents are able to keep performing their missions during disconnected operations. Agents can also deploy new code into running systems without scheduling downtime.

The VoyagerPro solution includes support for distributed JavaBean events, utilizes a non-intrusive activation framework, and enables objects to work with any database. The product is also Y2K compliant.

Additionally, ObjectSpace will be releasing three new products in 4Q98 designed to extend VoyagerPro functionality:

  • Voyager Transaction Service, which provides comprehensive, OTS 1.1-compliant transaction management and support in distributed computing environments
  • Voyager Security Service, which provides data integrity and privacy between systems
  • Enterprise JavaBeans, which allows for the seamless distribution of JavaBeans events in an enterprise environment--without any additional coding

For more information about ObjectSpace VoyagerPro 2.0, visit the ObjectSpace Web site.

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