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GoLive Announces New Web Publishing Tools

GoLive next week will announce the newest tool in its GoLive family of products, GoLive Web Publishing System.

The GoLive Web Publishing System is targeted at developers, editors, and content managers as a "ready-to-use professional online content management system."

The system enables developers to separate and automate all aspects of designing, updating, and administering a Web site. It also enables developers to update the text and graphics on a site without getting into the HTML.

The GoLive Web Publishing System is made up of three components:

  • GoLive CyberWriter Publishing Edition - Browser-based editorial client software; includes a user-friendly interface that allows users to enter content and quickly update their Web sites.
  • GoLive CyberStudio Publishing Edition - This design component is actually a specially enabled version of GoLive CyberStudio that includes everything a developer needs to create page templates and sites.
  • GoLive CyberServer Publishing Edition - The server component is driven by a multiplatform high-end SQL database, and can dynamically or statically publish Web sites with up-to-date content.

The GoLive Web Publishing System utilizes "easy-to-use" interfaces for all of the aspects of Web site design, creation, maintenance, and administration. It is driven by a scalable, "easy-to-administer" SQL database which has the ability to support from two to hundreds of users.

The company expects to ship the system in the fouth quarter of this year. Pricing is slated to start at under $1,000 for a two-user configuration. For additional information visit the GoLive Web site.