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Marketwave Announces Standards-Based Site Analysis, Oracle Support

Marketwave Corporation announced the availability of its InterAct open architecture with the release of Hit List Enterprise 4.0.

InterAct is the world's first standards-based site analysis architecture, enabling software vendors to integrate site analysis and Web mining functionality into their own applications, as well as develop applications and plug-ins for Hit List, extending Internet, intranet, and extranet analysis capabilities.

Leading software vendors announced support for InterAct and are working with Marketwave to develop InterAct-enabled plug-ins and applications.

A streaming media plug-in is being developed using the InterAct architecture which will read and report usage of RealNetworks (RNWK) industry-leading streaming media. The plug-in will report essential information about how streaming media, such as RealAudio, RealVideo, and RealFlash, is being used by Web site visitors and employees on the intranet.

This new plug-in will demonstrate which streaming media files are played, how long the files are played, and when the connection has been paused, aborted, or even fast-forwarded. When this information is combined with organizational databases through Marketwave's exclusive DataLink technology, customers can identify important correlations, such as how streaming media usage affects purchase decisions and which streaming media files produce the highest return on investment. A plug-in is also being created to read and report Microsoft NetShow streaming media usage.

More than just an open applications programming interface (API), InterAct is a complete, standards-based open architecture for the development of new site analysis applications. InterAct fully exposes all Hit List objects through an ActiveX API, allowing programmers to completely control Hit List from external applications.

Programmers can now leverage Web traffic information using almost any programming language, including Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), JavaScript, or even Active Server Pages (ASP). For example, InterAct could be used to dynamically customize and personalize Web site content based on each visitor's past Web browsing behavior.

Marketwave also announced direct support for Oracle 7 and 8 databases. Using Oracle 7 and 8 with Hit List Enterprise, customers can import hundreds of megabytes of Internet/intranet traffic data each hour. In addition, Hit List's QuickList X-Treme technology can be 'tuned' for these sites by selectively enabling and disabling storage of certain pieces of information.