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Jupiter Unveils Management Model for Web Business Development

Jupiter Communications this week announced its newly launched Site Operation Strategies service targeted at companies that are launching Web operations but not focusing on key business objectives.

The company said its research shows that 20 percent of retailers launching Web commerce sites indicated that integration with existing systems was a key factor in choosing software vendors.

In order to enable businesses to better tackle Web site development and management, Jupiter said it designed a management model for Web business development. The new Site Operation practice and model is designed to help companies understand the business priorities and organizational structures that are required to design a successful Web-based business.

Site Operation Strategies provides clients with guidance on a host of typical operational issues, including staffing, outsourcing, evaluating the costs of scaling a Web site, and presenting evaluation models to aid in the selection of the optimum software vendors and services for their businesses.

According to Ken Allard of Site Operation Strategies, companies that subscribe will receive information on data, trends and analysis of the issues that are critical to operating a successful Web-based business. Typically, the research covers site infrastructure for media and commerce businesses, site hosting strategies, testing tools and methodologies, outsourcing and staffing, digital rights management, developing RFPs, managing multiple sites, relaunching, re-branding, and consolidating, promotion and more.

For additional information about Site Operation Strategies, visit the Jupiter Communications Web site.