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Activerse and ObjectSpace Join for Java-Enhanced DingBots

Activerse Inc. announced this week it will partner with ObjectSpace, Inc. to incorporate its Java Generic Library (JGL), the Generic Collection Library for Java, into Activerse's DingBot SDK, the bot software developer kit.

"Bots" are network applications that perform repetitive functions such as seeking and retrieving targeted information, or monitoring devices and/or activities. DingBots can be used to communicate with other users (and other bots) through instant messages, chat and file transfers.

By using the DingBot SDK, developers are able to create custom bots according to the needs of the individual developer or enterprise. The bots are then integrated with Ding!, Activerse's instant collaboration product.

ObjectSpace's JGL is a powerful addition to the Java Developer Kit (JDK) and has so far been used by more than 100,000 Java developers. The JGL provides the code base that is needed for in-depth data processing. The tool provides programmers with instant access to a high performance set of easy-to-use containers and algorithms.

By incorporating the JGL into the DingBot SDK, development is said to be easier and less time-consuming. For additional information, or to download the DingBot SDK, visit the Activerse Web site.